Aldi store worker

Aldi offered the lowest price for 24 products – exclusively so for four

Aldi edged out Lidl by just 1p in the most hotly contested Grocer 33 battle between the discounters to date.

At £55.43, Aldi came out on top in this week’s shop – having lost out to its rival in the last head-to-head in May. It is the discounter’s second victory in six Super Grocer 33s.

Aldi offered the lowest price for 24 products and was exclusively cheapest for four: the brioche rolls, butter beans, little gem lettuce and tortilla chips.

Lidl, meanwhile, was cheapest for 21 items and exclusively so for three: the brie, Domestos and lemon juice.

In May, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s were reasonably competitive versus Aldi and Lidl. However, this time they were all well off the discounters’ pace.

At £65.56, Asda was £10.13 more expensive than Aldi. It was, however, exclusively cheapest for the Lynx body wash and Heinz soup.

Tesco was £11.09 more expensive than Aldi at £66.52. There was little impact from its Clubcard Prices scheme, which would have given loyalty card holders a discount of just 60p. Tesco was not exclusively cheapest on any products.

Morrisons was exclusively cheapest for the Tetley teabags. However, it came in £12.19 more expensive than Aldi at £67.62.

While Tesco’s loyalty scheme had a minimal impact, Sainsbury’s version had no impact at all. None of the products on our list were covered by Nectar Prices, as Sainsbury’s came in at £69.02 – £13.59 more expensive than Aldi.

Waitrose was by far the most expensive of the pack. The upmarket retailer was more than £20 more expensive than the discounters – even though it was exclusively cheapest for the San Miguel lager.

Inflation this week was running at 11.5% year on year, though prices were 1.2% cheaper than a month ago.