Asda House

Source: Asda

Asda got back to winning ways having lost out to Morrisons a week ago.

Asda’s £67.12 total was exactly a fiver cheaper than this week’s runner-up Tesco. It was a dominant week for Asda as it offered the lowest price for 22 products, with 12 exclusively cheapest.

The Walmart-owned retailer was cheaper than any of its rivals for the Amoy stir fry sauce, own-label brioche buns, chestnut mushrooms, German salami and green grapes. One of the products that made the biggest difference was the Pringles - at £1.25 this was at least £1 cheaper than its big four rivals.

Last week, Tesco struggled to fourth spot, but came in a comfortable second. In its £72.12 total it had the cheapest price for 12 products and was exclusively so for the Actimel yogurt, Country Life spreadable and New York Bakery Co bagels. However it was the most expensive retailer for the bottle of The Famous Grouse at £15 - this alone was £2 more than Asda.

Sainsbury’s came in third this week. At £75.40 it was £8.28 more expensive than its proposed merger partner Asda. It was the cheapest retailer for nine lines but only exclusively so on the Ariel Excel Gel.

Morrisons fell from first to fourth this week and was almost a tenner more expensive than Asda at £76.43. It was an offer on gin that drove it to victory last time, and again it was the cheapest retailer for a key spirts line - in this case The Famous Grouse at £12.96.

At the end of February, Ocado agreed a new deal with M&S, set to launch next year, ending its 20-year relationship with Waitrose. However, this week it was hard to split the two retailers with Ocado coming in just a penny cheaper than Waitrose. Both were considerably more expensive than Asda: £13.55 at Ocado and a penny more at Waitrose - though that was before delivery.