Asda ham aisle

Source: Mystery shopper

Asda extended its winning run to five weeks despite more price increases (10) on its basket than any other retailer.

At £58.56, Asda’s basket was £3.98 cheaper than runner-up Sainsbury’s and it offered the lowest price for 15 products, 13 exclusively so, including the 19 Crimes red wine, Always panty liners, baby potatoes, stuffed peppers and macaroni cheese. Inflation was 5.4% month on month and 6% year on year.

Sainsbury’s offered the lowest price for 11 products and was exclusively cheapest for six including the chicken drumsticks, figs, kale and Kellogg’s Special K, with minimal inflation vs last month but the highest inflation (7.2%) year on year.

At £63.30, Tesco’s shelf-edge prices were £4.74 more expensive than Asda. In contrast with last week, Tesco’s Clubcard Prices deals were not sufficient to undercut Asda, though it would have bumped it up to second spot. Loyalty scheme members received a discount of £2.85, which closed the gap to Asda to £1.89 – also making the shop £2.09 cheaper than Sainsbury’s.

Tesco was cheapest for 10 products this week, exclusively so for the bacon, apple sauce, Fanta Zero and tortilla wraps, with inflation of 5.9% on the basket.

Morrisons was over £6 more expensive than Asda at £64.62. Its only exclusively cheapest items were the duck spring rolls and Warburtons Danish loaf. But it was notable for having the lowest annual inflation on its basket, at only 0.7%, and the lowest number of price increases (three).

As to Waitrose, at £74.69 it was a long way off the pace this week, £16.13 pricier than Asda, but month-on-month inflation was running at just 0.2% and 3.6% year on year, though all the five products coming off promotion in its basket came back at a higher price.