Hollandaise sauce

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Maille hollandaise sauce was subject to the most inflation, up 51% yoy

Asda offered the lowest price for our special breakfast and brunch-themed Grocer 33 pricing survey, but only without factoring in Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s loyalty schemes.

At £78.49, Asda offered the lowest price for 15 products and was exclusively cheapest for six, including the blueberries, Genius crumpets and Tropicana orange juice (see right).

Asda came in 90p cheaper than second-placed Morrisons. The Bradford-based retailer was cheapest for 15 products and exclusively cheapest for 10. All 10 were branded items including the Heck sausages, Quaker porridge sachets and Rowse honey.

Tesco’s shelf-edge total of £82.43 was £3.94 more expensive than Asda – however, its Clubcard holders would have received an instant discount of £5.65, making it £1.71 cheaper.

Tesco was exclusively cheapest for the McCain hash browns, Nestlé Nesquik, Rose’s marmalade and streaky bacon.

Sainsbury’s loyalty deals had an even bigger impact than Tesco’s. Its loyalty card holders would have saved £9.60 with Nectar Prices. This would have reduced Sainsbury’s total from £85.01 to £75.41, undercutting Asda by £3.08. Sainsbury’s was also exclusively cheapest for the Birds Eye potato waffles.

Waitrose came in £10.34 more expensive than Asda at £88.83, but was exclusively cheapest for the Yorkshire Tea teabags.

The cost of our shopping list was 11.9% more expensive compared to a year ago and was 0.3% cheaper than last month.

The product most impacted by inflation was the Maille hollandaise sauce, which was 51% more expensive than 12 months ago. The Philadelphia soft cheese and Tropicana juice were both up 39%, while the Quaker porridge sachets were 32% more expensive year on year.

None of the items on our list were cheaper than a year ago.