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Source: Asda

Asda’s exclusively cheapest items included apples and Captain Morgan

It’s the last week in the annual Grocer 33 competition and for the 32nd time in the 53-week period, Asda was cheapest. But while Tesco has not won on a single occasion in the last year, not for the first time, factoring in its Clubcard Prices the UK’s biggest grocer would have undercut its Leeds-based rival.

Asda’s £76.46 basket included the lowest price for 15 items, eight exclusively so including the apples, baby potatoes, Bisto gravy granules and Captain Morgan spiced rum.

Tesco, meanwhile, was only third cheapest behind Morrisons with a basket £5.77 more expensive than Asda’s at £82.23. However, Clubcard holders received instant discounts on seven items totalling £7.26, which reduced Tesco’s total to £74.97, making it £1.49 cheaper than Asda’s.

This was all despite only coming in exclusively cheapest for the Diet Coke and Quaker oats.

Morrisons was £5.58 more expensive than Asda at £82.04, but was exclusively cheapest for the Alpro drink, Green & Black’s chocolate bar, Heinz beans and McVitie’s Jaffa cakes.

Sainsbury’s came in £6.43 more expensive than Asda at £82.89. Following in Tesco’s footsteps with its new Nectar Prices, its loyalty card members would have received a discount on just two items, saving shoppers just £1.70.

Waitrose offered the cheapest price for six items, exclusively so for the red cabbage. However, it still came in £14.33 more expensive than Asda at £90.79.

With supermarket executives being grilled by MPs this week over high prices, our basket was 11.7% more expensive compared with June 2022 and up 0.9% versus last month.

The most dramatic rise was on the yellow split peas (see right) which were 75% more expensive year on year, while the Bisto was up 45%.