Clubcard 3

In the past few weeks, Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices have made the difference in terms of which supermarket was the cheapest – but this week it was Tesco’s Clubcard Prices’ time to shine.

Based on shelf-edge prices alone, Asda came in cheapest by some distance. At £82.14, it was £3.65 cheaper than Morrisons as it offered the lowest price for 17 items and was exclusively cheapest for five including the apples, Baileys and potato salad.

Morrisons was cheapest for 19 items and exclusively so for 10. These included the McCain wedges, mozzarella sticks and the Pukka pie.

Tesco came in at £92.75, fully £10.61 more expensive than Asda. However, Clubcard holders would have received an instant discount of £11.65 to undercut Asda by £1.04. The bulk of this came from a deep discount on the Baileys with the Clubcard Prices offer of £10 saving shoppers £6.50. This matched Asda which also had a £10 deal for the Irish liqueur.

Sainsbury’s was offering a £10 Nectar Prices deal for the Baileys last week but it had just come off promotion. As such, its loyalty discounts added up to £4.75 this week, reducing its total from £95.20 to £90.45, but still £8.31 pricier than Asda.

Waitrose was a long way off the pace. Its total of £102.86 was £20.72 dearer than Asda.

Although overall prices were 1% cheaper month on month, annual inflation remains high, with prices 9.4% more expensive than October 2021, including huge price increases on the Premier Foods-owned Ambrosia custard pots (see right), up 50% year on year, as well as the Paxo stuffing mix (also from Premier Foods) and mozzarella sticks up 39% and 35% respectively.

However, five products, including the Jus-Rol puff pastry, parsnips and pumpkin, were actually cheaper than a year ago.