graham mackenzie asda forfar

Source: Phoenix Photography

Winner: Asda Forfar

Manager: Graham Mackenzie

Opened: 2011

Size: 26,000 sq ft

Market share: 41%

Nearest rivals: Aldi - 0.4 miles, Lidl - 0.7 miles, Tesco - 0.9 miles, Morrisons - 11.8 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

The store got a maximum on service. How do you get staff to provide that consistently? It’s something we put a huge amount of work into and we’ve consistently been getting 100% scores in Asda’s internal service scores. The staff also benefit because that will be part of their bonus.

How important are staff bonuses for morale? It’s good to be able to reward staff based on things like their levels of service. Our staff have also just had their Walmart Sharesave scheme payments, which is a really good way for them to increase their savings.

How are you managing to keep up year-on-year like-for-likes with no (men’s) World Cup and no heatwave? It’s definitely an issue because last year we had the World Cup and the weather, but on the flipside it’s given us more discretionary space to try other promotions and use dictionary space for big sellers. For example we’ve been selling 100 packs of Tetley tea for £5, which has been going at a pallet per week. Also last year we had a more limited range for Father’s Day because of the World Cup, whereas this year we can have a much fuller lineup.

What’s your favourite Father’s Day item? One of the best is a £3 chilli plant. We’re also selling fajita plants and mojito plants. It’s great to have something different.

How competitive are you on price with your local rivals? We continue to invest in price. In Forfar we’ve got an Aldi, Lidl, Home Bargains and B&M Stores all within five minutes of our store and we continue to get customers coming here because we offer competitive prices.

You used to work with Steven Moyes, the Grocer Gold store manager of the year. Are you out to emulate him? I have worked twice with him as his deputy, so he’s been my mentor. It’s great that he won and after it was announced it was soon doing the rounds on Instagram which does great things for the morale of the managers.