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It’s time Asda’s rivals woke up and smelled the coffee - or poured themselves a stiff rum and cola - after great deals on Kenco and Captain Morgan dark rum proved pivotal to its third ­consecutive win.

Asda’s £85.88 total was £2.85 cheaper than nearest rival Morrisons. It was selling 18 of the 33 items on our shopping list at their lowest price, eight exclusively - including a £3.50 deal on 200g jars of Kenco instant coffee that was almost £2 cheaper than Tesco’s and Waitrose’s £5.49 price, with Morrisons at £5.99 and Sainsbury’s at £6. A gap of £1.50 to £3.50 on the Captain Morgan dark rum vs big four rivals was equally influential.

Last week, Morrisons CEO David Potts strongly hinted that its Match & More price-matching/loyalty scheme could be axed as it’s costing too much. Our shopper this week received a hefty 6,040 Match & More points, the equivalent of £6.04.

Tesco came in third with a total of £91.71. This was £5.83 pricier than Asda while Sainsbury’s in fourth was even further off the pace at £93.11. Our Tesco shopper received a Price Promise voucher of £4.86, but our Sainsbury’s shopper was only given a Brand Match voucher for £1.50. This was largely due to its keen price on Finish Quantum tablets.

Waitrose came in fifth at £95.83, just under a tenner more expensive than Asda.