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Asda had 16 exclusively cheapest products, including the Wensleydale

Inflation across the leading supermarkets continues to fluctuate depending on the make-up of our basket, but the continuing trend is a significant increase in the price consumers are forking out for their groceries.

As the ONS reported that food price rises had surpassed overall UK inflation, the cost of our shopping at the big four and Waitrose jumped 8.2% year on year. Morrisons  prices climbed fastest at 10.7% while Sainsbury’s, which recorded low single-digit inflation in each of the past two weeks, saw its prices up 10.5% on July 2021.

Our basket at Asda cost 7.3% more than a year ago, with Tesco up 6.8%. Waitrose saw the least inflation, up just 5.8% on last year, albeit from a higher base price, of course.

Of our 33 products, 25 had increased in price while three were unchanged. Five products actually reduced in price, with the biggest faller being the McVitie’s Club bars, which were 12% cheaper than last year.

Four products were up by more than 20%, including the Galia melons up 38% and Dr Oetker pizza up 24%.

Asda offered the cheapest basket overall. At £50.77 it was £3.20 cheaper than Morrisons. It offered the lowest price for 20 products, of which 16 were exclusively cheapest. These included the mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, Radox shower gel and the Wensleydale.

Morrisons had the most deals, 10, but only two – the pizza and prawn cocktail – were exclusively cheapest.

Sainsbury’s was more than a fiver more expensive than Asda at £56.44 while Tesco was £6.05 more expensive than Asda at £56.82. However, factoring in Clubcard Prices it would have been second, with a £3.54 saving taking the total to £53.28.

Waitrose was exclusively cheapest for the Actimel and red cabbage, but was still £11.62 pricier than Asda at £62.39.