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Asda was exclusively cheapest for Birra Moretti, chianti and parma ham

Customers will be saying ‘grazie mille’ to Asda, which came in more than a tenner cheaper than its nearest rival for our special Italian-themed Grocer 33 this week.

All the items on this week’s shopping list were either Italian dishes, products or key ingredients used in Italian cooking. At £106.03, Asda came in £10.04 cheaper than Morrisons.

The supermarket offered the lowest price for 16 products and was exclusively cheapest for a dozen items. These included the Birra Moretti, chianti, margherita pizza and parma ham.

Morrisons was cheapest for 11 lines and exclusively so for six including the Filippo Berio olive oil, Gallo rice and tortelloni.

Sainsbury’s and Tesco were £15.15 and £15.72 more expensive than Asda respectively. While both offered solid savings through their loyalty-based promotion schemes, there would still have been a significant gap.

Shoppers using Nectar Prices in Sainsbury’s would have saved £5.26, taking the retailer’s total down to £115.92 – still £9.89 more expensive than Asda. Meanwhile, the £5 saved by Clubcard holders would have left a gap of £10.72 between Asda and Tesco.

Waitrose, which prides itself on the authenticity of its Italian sourcing, came in £28.23 more expensive than Asda at £134.26. It was, however, exclusively cheapest for the gorgonzola piccante and the tiramisu.

Across the five retailers, prices were 8.8% dearer than last July, but down 1.9% month on month.

pasta lovers will be glad to spot linguine was 11% cheaper than a year ago. The chianti was down 7%, while the Little Moons mochi ice cream and artichokes were 2% and 1% cheaper respectively.

There were still some price hikes, though: olive oil was up 45% versus 12 months ago and oregano up 40%. Seven other items were up more than 20%.