Asda eggs May 2020

Source: Mystery shopper

Asda made it eight straight Grocer 33 pricing wins this week. However its domination only extended to shelf-edge prices: Tesco Clubcard members would have paid the least this week.

At £62.44, Asda narrowly edged out runner-up Morrisons by 39p. Tesco came in fourth. At £64.28 it was £1.84 more expensive than Asda – but its loyalty card holders would have received instant discounts on seven of the items on our list as part of the Clubcard Prices initiative. This would have reduced Tesco’s total by £4.71 to £59.57, undercutting Asda by £2.87.

Unusually for Asda it only offered the lowest price for 12 products this week and was exclusively cheapest for just three. These were the eggs, New York Bakery Co bagels and sugar snap peas.

Asda was also the retailer most affected by inflation this week. Its prices were 8.4% more expensive than a year ago. Sainsbury’s prices were up 4% on last year, Tesco 3.3% and Morrisons 2.4%. By contrast, guest retailer Ocado and Waitrose were 1.2% and 1.1% cheaper than last January respectively.

Morrisons offered the lowest price for 13 lines and was exclusively cheapest for the Cathedral City cheese, feta and the salmon fillets. It had a dozen items on deal compared with Asda’s nine, Tesco’s eight, Ocado’s seven, Waitrose’s six and Sainsbury’s five.

Sainsbury’s came in third, just £1.43 more expensive than Asda at £63.87.

Ocado was just under a fiver more expensive than Asda at £67.16. It was cheapest for eight products and exclusively so for the Fairtrade bananas.

Waitrose was somewhat more competitive this week. At £70.81 it was £8.37 more expensive than Asda. None of the products on our list were exclusively cheapest at the upmarket retailer.