Asda fridge promo offers

Source: Mystery shopper

Asda secured yet another pricing win this week thanks to a raft of promotions that reduced the impact of inflation.

In what was a special Veganuary basket, Asda came out at £90.25, marking its third consecutive win. That was £2.61 cheaper than Sainsbury’s, which has been runner-up for the past three weeks as well.

Asda carried the lowest price for 16 items and was exclusively cheapest for eight. These included the avocados, bananas, Kirsty’s apple pie and Vivera plant bacon.

Sainsbury’s was cheapest for 11 products and was exclusively cheapest for the raspberries, Innocent coconut water and the Taylor & Colledge vanilla pods.

The most surprising element of this week’s shop was that Waitrose came in third, beating both Morrisons and Tesco. At £95.45, it was just £5.20 more expensive than Asda. The upmarket retailer ran the most promotional activity, carrying 15 deals, of which 14 were straight discounts.

Waitrose offered the lowest price for 15 products and was exclusively cheapest for seven.

Morrisons was £7.61 more expensive than Asda. It was exclusively cheapest for the crumpets, Nestlé Carnation vegan milk and Quorn slices.

Based on its shelf-edge prices, Tesco was a long way off the pace at £103.87. However, its Clubcard Prices deals meant its loyalty scheme members would have received a discount of £9.90. This reduced Tesco’s total to £93.97, which would still have been £3.72 more expensive than Asda and £1.11 more than Sainsbury’s, but cheaper than Waitrose. Tesco was cheapest for four lines and exclusively so for the Elmlea vegan cream.

The plethora of promotions meant there was very little evidence of inflation. Across the board our retailers were 0.1% cheaper than a year ago and 3.5% cheaper than a month ago.