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Asda was cheapest for Yeo Valley yoghurt, brioche rolls and nectarines

Asda will be keen to claim back its title as the cheapest major supermarket, having lost that crown to Tesco at this week’s Grocer Gold Awards – and it has made the best possible start.

The TDR Capital and Mohsin Issa-owned retailer came in at £65.13 in what is the first week of our Grocer 33 year. This was £1.30 cheaper than Tesco – after we factored in Tesco’s Clubcard Prices discounts.

Asda offered the lowest price for 14 products, 10 of which were exclusively so, including the brioche rolls, nectarines and the Yeo Valley yoghurt.

While Clubcard Prices were not enough to topple Asda this week, the scheme did lift Tesco from third to second place and give its shoppers a 7.6% saving, which equated to a £5.03 discount. It was cheapest for 13 items and exclusively so for the salami and salmon.

Sainsbury’s was not offering its Nectar members as big a discount as Tesco. Its loyalty deals added up to £3.72, taking its total down to £68.77. So it was £3.64 more expensive than Asda and £2.34 costlier than Tesco.

Sainsbury’s was, however, the only retailer whose basket of goods was cheaper year on year (by 1.7%) and it was exclusively cheapest for the bao buns, pak choi, pomegranates and sweetcorn.

Morrisons would have been our runner-up based on shelf-edge prices, but lost out to Tesco and Sainsbury’s discounts. At £69.51 it came in £4.38 more expensive than Asda. It was exclusively cheapest for the Head & Shoulders, semi-skimmed milk and Schär ciabatta rolls.

Inflation on the Waitrose basket was flat. Other than that it was the cheapest place to pick up the Robinsons fruit squash, while matching the lowest price for three other lines as it came in £11.28 more expensive than Asda at £76.41.