asda supermarket

Asda claimed a second Grocer 33 pricing win in a row, with Sainsbury’s once again its nearest challenger.

The Walmart-owned retailer’s £87.43 total was £2.26 cheaper than Sainsbury’s. Asda offered the lowest price on 24 of the 33 products on our list and was exclusively cheapest on eight.

Asda was exclusively cheapest on the cantaloupe melon, pak choi, tuna pasta bake, Lactofree soft white cheese and Uncle Ben’s boil in the bag rice.

Sainsbury’s offered the cheapest price for 12 lines and was exclusively cheapest for the Dove deodorant, raspberries and Warburtons Thin Bagels.

Sainsbury’s was also the only retailer to come within £10 of Asda. This was largely down to both retailers offering big discounts on the Aberlour single malt whisky. Asda has reduced the scotch from £35 to £28, while Sainsbury’s was also selling it for £28 this week compared with its regular price of £38. Morrisons’ would have been £28 last week but it had gone back up to £36. Tesco and Waitrose both had a price of £35 this week, with the latter having run a £29 deal last week. The vagaries of promotions strategies, eh?

In terms of overall promotions, Asda had the most with 12. Morrisons had 10, Tesco seven, Waitrose six and Sainsbury’s five.

Morrisons took third spot this week. At £98.41 it was £10.98 more expensive than Asda. It carried the lowest price for nine lines, though none were exclusively cheapest.

Tesco was cheaper than its rivals for the Appletiser and medium whole chicken but still came in £11.45 more expensive than Asda at £98.88.

Waitrose’s total came to £104.07. This was £16.64 more expensive than Asda. It offered the lowest price for seven lines and was exclusively cheapest for the Amoy noodles.