Asda House

Asda beat proposed merger partner Sainsbury’s by almost £3 this week to claim a convincing Grocer 33 pricing win.

The latest result confirms Asda’s dominance over its traditional supermarket rivals as we pass the halfway point of the Grocer 33 year.

The Walmart-owned retailer has been cheapest in 16 of the 26 weeks so far. Tesco has picked up four wins and Morrisons just one. However, the discounters have claimed victory every time they have appeared as a guest retailer. This has meant two wins each for Aldi and Iceland, and one for Lidl.

This week, Asda’s £58.73 total was £2.95 cheaper than Sainsbury’s. It offered the lowest price for 20 lines, 12 of these exclusively cheapest.

Asda beat its rivals this week on a host of items including Birds Eye waffles, Bertolli spread, natural food colouring and organic red onions.

Sainsbury’s, meanwhile, came out exclusively cheapest for the gouda slices, lamb chops, Loyd Grossman Thai red curry, pineapple and New York Bakery Co bagels.

At £62.41, Morrisons was £3.68 more expensive than Asda. It offered the lowest price for seven products, but its only exclusively cheapest item was the Cauli Rice.

Tesco was almost £6 more expensive than Asda at £64.67. Although it beat its rivals on the Bottlegreen pressé, Graze bites and watermelon, it lost out due to higher prices on items such as the Activia, the apples and the L’Oréal hairspray.

At £66.82, Waitrose was £8.13 dearer than Asda. This was despite the upmarket supermarket having more promotions than its rivals, with 11 deals.

There were a lot of offers all round. Morrisons was carrying 10 deals on the items on our list, Asda and Sainsbury’s had nine each, while Tesco was just behind with eight.