Asda bws

Asda has picked up a second consecutive Grocer 33 pricing victory, although its narrow winning margin proved costly on this final outing of the Asda Price Guarantee.

Asda’s £79.34 total was just £1.38 cheaper than second-placed Tesco this week. This was despite offering the lowest price for 17 products, nine of them exclusively cheapest. These included the Amoy noodles, Quorn mince, raspberries and Warburtons crumpets.

Customers were able to make their last Asda Price Guarantee comparisons on Wednesday 3 October and have 28 days from then to redeem their last vouchers. Our mystery shopper was entitled to a voucher worth £8.53 this week.

Tesco was cheapest for 12 items with just two, the Cadbury Mini Rolls and kale, exclusively cheapest. In the past four months, Tesco has spent a lot of time redeveloping its Value range (rebranded as ‘Exclusively by Tesco’) but these products aren’t coming through in the Grocer 33. However, it carried a lot more deals than its rivals, with 12 of the 33 items on our list on offer. (Waitrose had nine promotions and Asda seven, while Morrisons and Sainsbury’s had just five each.)

Morrisons took third spot this week. Its £82.91 total was £3.57 more expensive than Asda.

Perhaps the most surprising result this week was Waitrose coming in fourth ahead of Sainsbury’s. Its £83.57 total was just £4.23 more expensive than Asda. Waitrose had the lowest price for seven items, four exclusively so. The big difference was the Kraken rum - a £20 deal made it £3.50 cheaper than the other retailers.

Sainsbury’s was £5.64 more expensive than Asda at £84.98. This was despite having the cheapest price for 12 lines and beating all its rivals on the Pizza Express olive oil dressing and Président brie.