Asda bakery aisle

Mr Blobby made a comeback last week as part of the marketing for Tesco’s 100th anniversary price cuts. But this week’s Grocer 33 was more of an Asda House party, as the Walmart-owned retailer made it two pricing wins in a row.

At £55.10, Asda came in £1.11 cheaper than second-placed Morrisons. Asda carried the lowest price for 18 lines this week, a dozen of these exclusively cheapest.

The secret of Asda’s success this week was own label. It was exclusively cheapest for nine of the 18 own-label lines. These included the brioche rolls, pineapple chunks, tortilla wraps and the roast beef ready meal.

Runner-up Morrisons - which cut the price of 935 products earlier this month - offered the lowest price for nine products, with five of these exclusively cheapest. Four were branded lines - the Aunt Bessie’s parsnips, Oxo cubes, Two Chicks liquid egg whites and Uncle Ben’s chilli sauce.

Tesco dropped back to third this week. At £57.60, it was £2.50 pricier than Asda. Despite the ongoing centenary celebrations, just eight products were on deal compared with 12 last week. This was just one more than Asda and Morrisons on seven. Waitrose was running six promotions, while Sainsbury’s had just the one deal.

Sainsbury’s came in £3.35 more expensive than Asda, even though it was the only retailer where this shopping list worked out cheaper than this time a year ago.

The same basket of goods was 0.2% cheaper at Sainsbury’s than last year, though it was 4.2% more expensive month on month.

Waitrose was £8.19 more expensive than Asda at £63.29. It offered the lowest price on just two lines, including the Linda McCartney’s chorizo sausages, for which it was exclusively cheapest.