Asda Altrincham (63)

Asda scraped the win in a week of low scores thanks to a full basket on this Valentine’s Day shop.

Our mystery shopper had an “awful” first impression of the large Brighton Marina store, with shelves throughout appearing like they had been “hit by a hurricane”. Despite many empty shelves, which made for a time-consuming shop, all the items made their way into the basket.

Waitrose in Sheffield scored highly for its “polite and happy to help” staff, a “well managed and laid out” store with a “fantastic” range and high availability, with just one line out of stock. However, difficulties finding the car park from the ring road and a 20-minute queue to get back out, along with a long wait at the checkout, put it one point behind Asda.

Morrisons in Aldershot was “clean and attractive”, with an efficient checkout. But six missing products (four out of stock and two not stocked) and a “real lack” of shop floor staff affected the score.

The “light and welcoming” Tesco in Gloucester scored full marks for a swift checkout, but a limited selection of counters and services and a disappointing range (with five lines not stocked and another four unavailable) let the retailer down.

Sainsbury’s in Balham was distinctly average across the board. The “attractive” store with a wide range of products unfortunately had gaps across most sections. Hard-to-find staff were busy restocking with little time to help our shopper. A focus on self-service checkouts - with close to 30 in the store - left long queues at the few remaining traditional tills.