ocado delivery van (2)

Source: Ocado

Ocado claimed the top spot in this week’s online Grocer 33 as it edged out strong showings from both Morrisons and Tesco.

While all three notched up scores in the nineties, Ocado scraped the win with 93 points.

Ocado’s website was easy to navigate, enabling our shopper to complete her order within 35 minutes. There were two products not available to order and our shopper accepted alternative suggestions for both.

When her delivery arrived, it was complete with all of the 33 items she ordered. She was fully notified in advance of the driver’s arrival and he was polite and considerate.

Morrisons was close behind with 91 points. It may have taken the win if not for the fact our shopper was only able to order 32 items, as one of the suggested alternatives was out of stock. On arrival there were two substitutions: one was acceptable, while the other was mangoes instead of kiwifruit.

Our shopper was also full of praise for her delivery driver.

Tesco came third with 90 points. Our shopper enjoyed the ordering process and appreciated the website often suggested cheaper alternatives.

She accepted one alternative while ordering, and all 33 items were delivered without substitution. Our shopper’s only gripe was the random way the products had been packed.

Our Waitrose shopper got more than she bargained for with a double helping of the Little Moons ice creams, meaning she received 34 items.

While ordering, our shopper felt the website was suggesting items that were not relevant, although the process was generally smooth.

The delivery was on time, helping Waitrose to 86 points.

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Sainsbury’s and Asda both picked up 80 points.

With Sainsbury’s, our shopper managed to order all 33 items on the list, but only 32 arrived. The white bread was not there and the driver spent seven minutes searching for it in his van, before declaring it lost and refunding our shopper.

Our Asda shopper was not overly pleased with the experience she received from the driver. He did not seem particularly engaged, but most importantly he did not offer to help with the unpacking.

This was even after our shopper told him she was recovering from an operation.

Last place went to online giant Amazon with just 56 points. Our shop felt under pressure to complete her order within the 60 minutes allowed, and was frustrated that it took until the end of the process to find out some items would not be available on her chosen delivery day. She ended up ordering just 28 items.

Finally, the driver was fast and efficient but seemed in a rush to get away.