Tesco delivery driver wakefield Johnny Woods

Tesco Wakefield, delivery driver Johnny Woods

Driver: Johnny Woods

Store: Wakefield

How long have you worked as a delivery driver for Tesco?

Five months. I came from checkouts and trolleys to be a driver.

What made you choose this job path?

I enjoy helping people with their shopping.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of becoming a delivery driver?

Always be kind and friendly to your customers and colleagues. Keep safe out on the roads at all times and always give excellent customer service.

How are you gearing up for the peak holiday trading period?

Making sure I am road safe – checking I have the right load on my van is really important with so much shopping going out at this time of year. When we deliver it is also really important to be polite, friendly and as helpful as possible with customers. This is Christmas and service really matters to people. I always ensure I am smiling – even though I have a mask on!

What are the most popular Christmas products that people are stocking up on now?

All the usual Christmas goods like chocolates, turkeys and drinks have started going out. Lots of Christmas cake, too.