Tomato puree

Tomato purée saw the most price inflation overall – up 49% year on year

It’s three out of three for Lidl in its battle with Aldi in our latest Super 33, as The Grocer compared prices across the five traditional big box supermarkets and the two German discounters.

At £46.58 Lidl was 86p cheaper than Aldi – but both discounters came in almost a tenner cheaper than any of the other major grocers.

Lidl offered the lowest price for 27 products and was exclusively cheapest for five: the asparagus tips, Cadbury Fruit & Nut, feta, honeydew melon and tomato purée.

It came in cheapest despite being the retailer with the highest level of inflation. Our shopping list cost 15% more at Lidl than it would have done at the same time last year.

Aldi’s prices were up 12.6% year on year. It offered the lowest price for 27 products and was exclusively cheapest for the beef slices, mange tout and sausage rolls.

Asda was exclusively cheapest for the mixed seedless grapes, but it came in £9.80 dearer than Lidl at £56.38.

Sainsbury’s was £11.21 more expensive than Lidl at £57.79 but was the cheapest retailer for carrot cake this week.

Tesco was £11.75 more expensive than Lidl, though factoring in Clubcard Prices would have reduced the gap to £10.90.

Morrisons was £15.44 more expensive than Lidl at £62.02, while Waitrose was fully £27.88 more expensive at £74.46.

Inflation was 12.4% year on year and 2.1% month on month. A third of the products on our list were over 30% higher than a year ago, including the tomato purée, up 49%, honeydew melon up 43%, shortbread fingers and diet lemonade up 41% and 40% respectively, while the milk is up 35%, and Asda has since added another 10p to make four pints £1.65 (p36).

Just one product came down in price: the Chicago Town pizzas were 8% cheaper.