1. Lidl checkout staff

Lidl won the battle of the discounters as it provided the cheapest basket in our latest Super Grocer 33.

At £50.27, the discounter undercut rival Aldi by just 19p as it offered the lowest price for 26 items, with five of those exclusively cheapest including the baby corn, baking paper and Domestos.

This marked a reversal from when we last put the German discounters head to head in January. It also means Lidl has provided the cheapest basket in four of the five Super Grocer 33s we have carried out overall.

Aldi was cheapest for 23 items and exclusively so for the chestnut mushrooms, pistachios and vanilla ice cream.

As usual, it was a straight fight between the discounters but Asda and Tesco will likely be pleased with how competitive they were. At £54.42, Asda came in just £4.15 more expensive than Lidl, a difference of 7.6%. It was also exclusively cheapest for the black grapes, Cathedral City cheddar and chocolate cake.

Tesco was 10.9% more expensive than Lidl at £56.44, but its £1.04 in Clubcard discounts would have reduced the percentage gap to 9.3%.

Sainsbury’s came in £6.80 more expensive than Lidl, with no impact from its Nectar Prices initiative.

Morrisons was exclusively cheapest for the Stella Artois lager but overall it was £9.78 more expensive than Lidl at £60.05. Waitrose, meanwhile, was just shy of £20 more expensive than Lidl at £70.18.

Aldi’s prices were up 9.8% while all the other retailers saw double-digit inflation as average prices soared 12.4% year on year while our basket was 0.6% more expensive than a month ago.

The sharpest increases were on the frozen broccoli and the cream of tomato soup, up 60% and 53% respectively. The baking paper and baby corn were both cheaper than a year ago.