Morrisons aisles Oxted

Source: Pebble Heaven Photography

Morrisons scored 75 points for its efficient and friendly store in Oxted

The winner of the super G33 mystery shopping competition this week was Morrisons. The Oxted store scored 75 points, with a quick and well-stocked shop.

Morrisons Oxted scored well on checkout experience, with a “pleasant” checkout assistant: “he said hello and demonstrated care in handling products”.

Our shopper did not have to wait long, up to a minute, to be served.

Shop floor staff were also “pleasant” but not particularly smartly dressed: “they all looked a little scruffy”.

Availability was very good in the store, with just one item out of stock. There was a label on the shelf saying it was out of stock, which our shopper found “very impressive”.

Stock was logical and well ordered throughout, and the layout worked well.

Second place went to Asda Liverpool with 68 points.

The store scored full marks on shop floor service: “the staff I encountered were friendly, approachable and helpful”.

Checkout service was a little slow, with our shopper waiting 4-5 minutes to be served, but this was due to a customer needing to retrieve something from the shop floor an the checkout staff apologised for the wait.

The scanning was quick and the assistant took care with the products, and gave quick and efficient service.

The layout was good, but our shopper was disappointed by the lack of individual food counters in store, with no dedicated cheese, fish or meat counters.

Next up was Sainsbury’s Elephant and Castle in London, with 64 points. The store was neat and tidy “with lots of staff looking busy”.

The small store meant it was easy for our shopper to find items quickly without assistance.

The store scored full marks on shop floor service, with very helpful staff who were easy to find.

Checkout service was slow, with our shopper waiting 4-5 minutes to be served.

Availability was quite low, with one item out of stock and seven not stocked.

Close behind was Aldi with 63. The St Andrews store had strong store standards this week, with a lovely display of cut flowers inside. There was no evidence of spillage or leaks but there was one assistant with a mop sweeping and checking under all the displays.

The store offered no counters, food to go or click and collect, and there was not much store signage to help you find a product.

Staff members were difficult to find, but helpful. The man sweeping the floor assisted customers with reaching cans on high shelves and pointing out products that they could not find.

Our shopper had to queue for 4-5 minutes but the checkout assistant was friendly and efficient: “I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my shopping was scanned and checked, probably under a minute total”.

One item was out of stock and two not stocked.

Fifth placed Lidl scored 54 points. The Llansamlet store in Swansea had strong store standards with a lovely display of houseplants at the entrance in very good condition. There was also a lovely smell coming from the bakery section.

There was no click and collect, food to go or counters available, but there was a “really interesting” vegan display.

It was “extremely difficult” to locate a member of staff, and when asked for assistance staff were rushed and did not actually assist. Our shopper was told by one member of staff “I’m not sure we have it” and then the assistant walked off.

Our shopper felt extremely rushed at the till, and the assistant showed no care towards the items.

Two items were out of stock and one not stocked.

Lidl was narrowly followed by Tesco Penzance with 53 points.

Shop floor service at Tesco was good, with the staff replenishing the aisles were “very, very helpful and friendly”, and the shop was a “nice experience”. The layout however did not make it easy to find products.

Store standards were generally good but the promotional displays were not particularly appealing. Our shopper found that of eight peppers in a box all of them were showing signs of rot.

Availability was very poor, with the store scoring zero in this category. Seven items were out of stock.

Last place went to Waitrose Worcester Park with just 35 points. The store was a “nice bright store and looked well kept” but there were many restocking trollies, some causing obstruction.

The store layout was not particularly strong, and staff were of mixed helpfulness. Several members of staff were helpful, but one other was not: “I felt they fobbed me off” said our shopper.

Checkout service was slow, with our shopper having to wait 4-5 minutes to be served. The checkout assistant was “not very chatty but also a bit slow”.

Availability was very poor, with six items out of stock. This led to an availability score of zero.