Deputy manager: Michael Ponton

Opened: 2013

Size: 37,000 sq ft

Market share: 4.9%

Nearest rivals:  Sainsbury’s - 0.7 miles, Iceland - 0.7 miles, 
Lidl - 0.8 miles

Our shopper was impressed by how friendly your staff were. What’s your secret? It’s great to hear our efforts are paying off. We put a lot of work into training. Our HOT service was recently changed to become five-star service and we now get much more up-to-date feedback from shoppers through our Talk to Morrisons service so we can really see what customers think and react to it.

Morrisons sales continue to struggle overall. How is your store trading? We are doing well and the store is performing strongly. I think this is down to having an offer that our rivals can’t match, with Market Street, our dedicated butchers, fishmongers and pizza counter. We have a really great fresh produce offer both in terms of quality and availability.

How is the Match & More card scheme working in your store? It’s very early days - the scheme went into the store last Monday - but it is doing really well. We have had the Match & More ambassadors in store telling shoppers about it and getting them signed up. We’ve also been training all our checkout staff to ask if shoppers have the card and if not ‘do they want one?’ Shoppers seem to be excited by it and seem to ­understand it pretty well.

Have you noticed much of an impact from the big price-cutting initiative announced in May? The move is still doing well for us. There was definitely a big uptake of the products at the beginning as people worried that they were just promotions but now it’s more steady as shoppers realise these prices are here to stay.

It’s Halloween this week. How is that going? Fantastic - we have a big 20 ft bay in store selling costumes, pumpkins and even special Halloween plants that are really selling well. Of course, after Friday that will all be coming out and we will be putting a lot more of our Christmas range in its place. It won’t be the full range as we like to add the Christmas products as and when we think our shoppers will need them. Winner: Morrisons Croydon