Morrisons world foods sauces aisles

Morrisons has recorded its first pricing win since September and only its second victory of the Grocer 33 year.

Last week’s winner, Sainsbury’s, ran the Bradford-headquartered supermarket closest this week, coming in 62p more expensive and knocking Asda into third place. It is the fourth consecutive week without a win for Asda, which was a full £2.36 behind Morrisons.

Morrisons ran the highest number of promotions, with seven price-only deals and four multibuys. The supermarket was the cheapest on 14 items, exclusively so on six, as it battled against Asda on own label.

Pineapple was 31p cheaper at Morrisons than the rest of its rivals and strawberries were £1.01 cheaper than Asda - and it was also cheapest on basmati rice. Asda remained exclusively cheapest for own-label mushrooms, rosemary, apples, red chillies and houmous. Although, Sainsbury’s own-brand salad tomatoes and pork shoulder steaks were exclusively cheapest, as were the gouda slices at Waitrose.

Sainsbury’s, which has worked hard to sharpen prices, was exclusively cheapest on four lines, including the two own-brand items, and Nivea moisturiser and Warburtons thin bagels on the branded side.

It was also cheaper than Asda on a further five products, including a £3 saving on Tia Maria, and ran the fewest promotions overall, with just six price deals.

Tesco, which was £2.49 behind Morrisons, was cheapest on 13 products, but failed to register one exclusively cheapest line.

Waitrose narrowed the gap this week, coming up £4.63 more expensive than Morrisons - and just £2.27 more than Asda. It was exclusively cheapest on own-brand gouda slices and Nescafé Gold Blend, which was on promotion.