Winner: Morrisons Diss

Store manager: Peter Morley

Opened: 2004

Size: 36,000 sq ft

Market share: 36%

Nearest rivals:

Tesco - 0.1 mile

Aldi - 0.6 miles

Lidl - 1.3 miles

Sainsbury’s - 10.7 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

Congratulations, our mystery shopper said this was the easiest they’d ever completed. They had no problem finding anything except the hot cross buns. Why do you think this is? We aim to have everything in stock - five-star availability - by having regular gap scans and chasing the right goods at the right time. We’re over the moon at winning. I always feel my staff give good customer service and this reflects on them and the efforts they’ve put in. 

You scored top marks for shop floor service too. We’re really getting back to basics, listening to what colleagues and customers want. We encourage staff to make sure they’re greeting the customers with a hello and take them down the aisle to find a product. We keep an eye on this on a daily basis. If someone is not doing it, we point out the error of their ways. 

How often do you visit your nearest rivals? I try to get in once a week. They’re right on my doorstep: Tesco backs on to us and Aldi is across the road. Aldi opened up last November.

Did the opening of Aldi affect trade in your store? It did for the first week or two but customers have started coming back. 

What, in your view, do you do better than your rivals? Quality of service. I have a loyal customer base - a lot of them say the store is like a major corner shop. I can walk up the street and people say “hello Peter” - they react to us in that way.

What is selling well at the moment? We’ve extended our Nutmeg clothing department and brought a bigger range in. We’ve expanded the children’s section and the gents and ladies Essentials range.

Why do you like working for Morrisons? You feel valued and listened to. I’ve worked at this store for nine years and was previously the manager at Morrisons Ipswich for six years.

What would you most like to change about the store? I think we’ve got the right balance; I don’t think there’s anything I’d want to change.