Morrisons BWS aisle spirits

Source: The Grocer/Joel Chant

Morrisons swept to victory thanks to a full basket, but there were strong scores for availability across the board this week.

Our shopper found the experience in the Sidcup store “very pleasant and easy”. Staff interactions were limited as she tracked down all 33 items without any problems.

It was a “speedy shop” at Waitrose in Formby despite a busy Saturday afternoon, thanks to an “orderly, spacious and pleasingly laid out” store. Three items were not stocked, and some shelves were empty as staff struggled with the volume of customers to restock quickly enough.

Only one product was missing from the Sainsbury’s basket in Cwmbran, but marks were lost for store standards, with the mystery shopper finding “messy” gondola ends and restocking trolleys blocking the chilled aisles.

A respectable score for guest retailer Aldi in Montrose, with just one line not stocked, “outstandingly helpful, warm and friendly” staff and a “spacious, clean, light and cheerful” store. An illogical layout in places lost the discounter points.

A lack of additional services and counters meant Tesco in Brackley dropped marks for layout and a restocking trolley in the fresh aisle caused an obstruction and queues. However, the friendly staff and only three items missing from the list left the supermarket with a respectable score.

An “extremely busy and hectic” Asda affected standards as staff were busy keeping shelves stocked, but the majority of items were easy to find, with only one product out of stock.