Store manager: Steve Jones

Store manager: Steve Jones

Your store turns 25 next month - what are you doing to celebrate? Yes, we opened on 1 June 1993, so we are going to be having a big party for all the colleagues and we’ll be doing a big cake in the store too. We actually have 10 colleagues who have been here since day one, which is great as they have lots of experience and knowledge to share.

You have been with Sainsbury’s for a long time as well - what’s it like to work for? It’s a really good employer; I’ve been with Sainsbury’s for 32 years. The morale is very good within the business. We are going through a fair degree of change but everyone is dealing with that in a very positive way.

Winner: Sainsbury’s Frome

Store manager: Steve Jones

Opened: 1993

Size: 42.000 sq ft

Market share: 24%

Nearest rivals: Lidl - 1.1 miles; Asda - 1.8 miles; Morrisons - 6.5 miles; Aldi - 7 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

Are you and your team excited about the news of the big merger with Asda? Absolutely, the news went down really well here. But that is one for the future and we will deal with that when it comes along. We are all remaining focused on the here and now.

Is there anything new that you would like for your store? We are getting an Argos concession on 1 July so we are all excited about that. It will add a new dimension to our customer offer in terms of convenience and there will be an additional halo effect that will bring more shoppers to the store. It should work well with our Tu clothing and homeware ranges, which are performing very well. We are not currently an online grocery store - so at some stage it would be good to get that element here as well.

What impact has the better weather had on sales recently? The last bank holiday was fantastic - we definitely saw a big boost in terms of all the usual barbecue lines. We are not really a seasonal store but we are only 15 miles from Glastonbury and usually get a boost from that, but there is no festival this year. However, we will be looking forward to the big summer of sport with likes of the World Cup and Wimbledon.