Morrisons 03.11

Source: Meagan Sarah Photography

Morrisons Horsforth in Leeds claimed victory with 76 points this week thanks to its excellent service and strong store standards.

Staff were all “really helpful and friendly”, with name badges and smart uniforms that made them clearly identifiable.

One shop assistant, Steve, assisted our shopper in locating an item, and provided a frozen alternative after realising they were sold out, which our shopper found “extremely helpful”. The checkout assistant, meanwhile, was “super-friendly and smiled throughout”.

Store standards were good overall – though restocking trolleys sometimes got in the way, and our shopper noticed some gaps on shelves.

Second place went to Aldi Diss with 71 points. The store had good service and availability, with only one item out of stock. Floor staff were helpful and busy, while checkout service was helpful and professional. Store standards were average, though, with stacks of trays left unattended.

Third place went to Tesco Honiton with 70 points. On first impressions, the foyer was “not welcoming” and the fruit & veg section looked depleted. There were lots of restocking trolleys, mostly carefully positioned, but one causing obstruction.

On the plus side, staff always helped when asked and our shopper was served by a new team member who was “a credit to the store”.

Next up was Lidl Guildford with 53 points. Store standards and availability were very poor. Packaging and products were on the floor, and displays were falling apart. Many shelf-edge labels were missing, and empty boxes were left on the shelves and floor.

Our shopper was “disappointed” with the store’s availability. A shocking 10 items were out of stock with two not stocked: our shopper was able to purchase just 21 items.

Fifth place went to Sainsbury’s Longbridge Lane in Birmingham. The store gave a good first impression, with lots of lighting and an entrance display of pumpkins. However, while the seasonal and fruit & veg sections were well stocked, the rest of the store had gaps.

There was a notable lack of staff on the shop floor, and our shopper had to go some distance to find help.

The checkout experience was very poor. Our shopper was “shocked” just one till out of 12 was open, and the scanning was very rushed.

There was one staff member on the self-service tills, who was overwhelmed with customers. The one checkout assistant was forced to assist while customers were queueing.

Second to last with 47 points was Waitrose Chiswick. There was no car park, and the store standards were poor. A lot of stock was not available and many shelves were empty. Three items were out of stock and 12 not stocked, meaning the store scored zero points for availability.

The store was “quite small and compact” making it difficult to manoeuvre a trolley.

However, staff were “well-presented and extremely helpful” and there was “really good service on the till.

Last place went to Stonecott Hill Asda in Sutton with just 29 points. The store was “very badly kept”, with the fruit & veg section looking tired and empty.

Trolleys were obstructing and unmanned, and there was very little available in the promotional aisles. The layout was poor, and the shop scored zero points on availability, with nine items out of stock.

The “lovely and helpful” staff were one redeeming quality.