You’ve only been at the store for seven weeks. What’s been your priority? I tried to look at the store through our customers’ eyes. We’re focusing on giving great customer service, and making sure our staff are knowledgeable about the products we sell so that they can be as helpful as possible.

How has Tesco’s UK store revamp programme affected your store? We’re concentrating on the quality of our food, particularly our fresh offering, making sure that it meets our high standards and looks appealing. We’ve also been working on the little things that make a big difference, like ensuring our trolleys and baskets are always tidy and ready for our customers.

Finding products at your store was described as a “nightmare” by our mystery shopper, who said the very helpful staff came to the rescue. What can you do about this? We are training staff one-on-one so that we can make sure their knowledge of the store is the best it can be. I absolutely encourage staff to go up to customers if they look like they are struggling to find a product.

You say availability is another key issue. What have you done? We are making use of dotcom availability gures and we also have an advanced store ordering system, which combines weather data and customer behaviour modelling.

What impact did the Olympics and the torch relay passing through Crawley have on trade? It’s been great and has definitely helped business. The day the torch passed through Crawley was a huge moment for the community. So many people turned out to show their support and we saw lots come in to the store afterwards - it was a great event, and there was a fantastic, carnival atmosphere.

What improvements are in the pipeline for the store? Our new phone shop opens in the store next Thursday and we’re always looking for new ways to improve our customers’ shopping experiences.