Tesco in Poole was miles in front this week thanks to 100% availability and “helpful and courteous” staff. “An attractive entrance with bench seating and seasonal displays” was complemented inside by a “community room offering a range of activities and services”.

It felt “slightly disorientating” to enter behind the tills at Waitrose in Twickenham but it “was bright and busy”. There was “a lot of restocking going on” and there “were some unmanned cages”. Staff were friendly and there were no queues at the checkout.

“Appealing displays” at Morrisons in Meltham were let down by “low stock levels”, particularly in fruit & veg, (though they were restocking). “Friendly staff” didn’t always check stock either.

Asda Carterton and Sainsbury’s in Belfast tied for fourth with 58 points each. In the entrance, a promotional display was “chaotic”. “All fresh food sections had big spaces on the shelves” and the “reduced food display looked scruffy”. There was a “really good range of services” but staff “seemed disinterested”.

The “car park felt cramped” at Sainsbury’s. Inside, the “bakery looked bare” and “there were several abandoned restocking trolleys”. All “staff members checked stock” and “were apologetic” when an item wasn’t stocked. Availability was poor.

“Restocking cages were obstructing the aisles” at Lidl Wolverhampton. “Two of the chillers had leaks.” Staff didn’t check stock and the cashier was “polite but didn’t make conversation”. Availability was good, though.