The X Factor: synonymous with tearful contestants, ridiculous ‘twists’ and, these days, extravagant ads for yoghurt.

Saturday’s live show saw Yeo Valley and Müller go head to head with big-budget spectaculars, Yogi Bear and the Mister Men lining up against The Churned, a boyband follow-up to last year’s rapping farmers.

Hats off to both brands for investing in such innovative – and risky – advertising. Spots as idiosyncratic as these two rarely meet with universal approval, but the online buzz for both was overwhelmingly positive.

At the time of writing, Müller’s ad had been viewed more than 43,000 times on YouTube and attracted nearly 17,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook. Even better, Yeo Valley’s boyband has been viewed 136,000 times on the yoghurt maker’s YouTube channel (YeoTube) and for a while was ‘trending’ on Twitter as the site’s most talked-about topic.

That Yeo Valley has repeated the buzz of its rapping farmers last year is a credit to the creative team at BBH. Thanks to high production values and a firm grasp of the X Factor’s demographic, they kept fresh a concept that could easily have come across as a tired rehash of last year’s campaign. It will be interesting to see whether Yeo Valley risks a third roll of the dice next year or if its singing farmers are put out to pasture.

Of course, the battle of the yoghurts will ultimately be decided by sales, not clicks and tweets. But judging by the early buzz, Yeo Valley has edged this round.