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Booker is the UK’s biggest wholesaler - sales hit £4.7bn in 2014 - but in a tumultuous year for grocery, its continued success has resulted from constantly seeking to improve.

From rolling out a new discounter fascia to broadening and improving its foodservice selection, Booker has worked tirelessly on all aspects of its estate.

“Booker continues to excel in all business metrics and has grown significantly in the retail market,” said one judge. This “continued excellence” was highlighted by another judge who praised, in particular, the “superb integration of Makro.”

The wholesaler “made a great success” of the £140m acquisition of Makro UK in 2012, and is continuing “to grow in many dimensions” added another judge.

And with the ink still wet on a deal to buy the Londis and Budgens chains in the UK for £40m, it looks set to be another busy year for the team.