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Champion: Monty Bojangles Milk Millionaire Caramel Bar

Monty Bojangles describes this Milk Millionaire Bar as “a love letter to chocoholics”. Packed with crumbly biscuit, caramel flakes and a touch of Fleur De Sel sea salt, this bar certainly earned the love of our judges.

Our panel was bowled over by its “melt in the mouth texture” and “beautifully smooth taste”, with an element of saltiness that brought balance to the flavour.

There were strong plaudits for the pack design, too, which captured the imagination. Monty Bojangles billed it as the “authentic alternative to the shortcomings of other block chocolate entries”  – and it delivered on that promise.

Gold Medal

  • Alter Eco Ecuador 70% Dark Chocolate

Silver Medal

  • Alter Eco Ecuador 85% Dark Chocolate
  • Nomo Cookie Dough Filled Bar
  • Bronze Medal

  • Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Flat White

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