PB meat alternatives Juicy Marbles Thick Cut Filet

Champion: Juicy Marbles Thick-Cut Filet

“Extraordinary product – the look and feel of a steak for a vegan.” That was the standout feedback for this Juicy Marbles line, which used thousands of fibres of plant-based protein and ribbons of natural fat to create a “whole muscle” steak texture. 

Judges waxed lyrical about the “incredible product”, which was “texturally amazing” with an “incredibly impressive” appearance. All in all, the panel saw this as a huge step forward for the meat alternatives category. 

Gold Medal

  • This Isn’t Streaky Bacon
  • Squeaky Bean Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage

Silver Medal

  • Better Nature Curry Tempeh Pieces
  • Beyond Meat Beyond Burger
  • Squeaky Bean Snack Sausage Rolls
  • VFC Original Recipe Crispy Chick*n Tenders

Bronze Medal

  • Tindle Wings
  • The Vegetarian Butcher Hentastic Southern Fried Chicken Fillets
  • Beyond Meat Beyond Nuggets

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