Future Farm Future Burger Version 2030

Winner: Future Farm Future Burger Version 2030

Future Farm claims its 2030 burger, made using a blend of soy, pea and chickpea, is indistinguishable from those of an animal origin. It’s a bold claim, but one that’s backed up by results, the patty closely mimicking both the taste and texture of a beefburger. It takes that mimicry one step further too, this updated product launched in June 2021 also the first in the range to emulate rare, medium and well-done cooking points. It’s a seriously clever product, tailored to the growing numbers of consumers that still love the taste of meat. Even more so because it’s been formulated in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals too requiring all its suppliers to be both GMO and deforestation-free.

This is the future of meat-free burgers said our judges. A fantastic delivery of a non-meat burger with a great texture and flavour. This product is offered in standout packaging which would help give it appeal on the supermarket shelf.

Highly commended: Richmond 2 Meat-Free No Beef Burgers


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