A new king prawn cocktail has been launched by Lyons Seafood in an attempt to tap into the market for premium convenience food and offer consumers an alternative healthy snack option.

Lyons king prawn cocktail is being marketed as an 'on-the-go' snack or lunch, and will be sold with a fork and choice of low-fat sweet chilli or Marie-Rose dips. It is hoped the product will appeal to consumers looking for an alternative to traditional smaller cold water prawns.

The king prawns have all been sourced ethically and sustainably, Lyons said, with packaging produced from recycled materials. They will be on sale in 200 Sainsbury's from June.

"Warm water king prawns have become popular over the past few years," says Lyons' commercial director Paul Vita. "They are a delicious treat yet very low in fat, packed with nutrients and a natural source of Omega-3. Our new king prawn cocktails offer an exciting and healthy alternative to traditional 'on the go' products."