The latest phase in Unilever's relaunch of its Pot Noodle snack brand includes a new look, a reduction in salt levels, new flavours and a tie up with TV programme The X Factor.

The company is investing £10m in this second wave of activity for the brand overhaul, which is designed to challenge the consumer perception that the noodle snacks are bad for them.

Salt levels have been reduced by 50% on 2005 levels in the overhaul, which will be supported with a new TV and press campaign from September, continuing the Fuel Of Britain theme.

The redesigned packaging carries the 'no artificial colours or preservatives' message both on the lid and on the sauce sachets inside the pot. The refreshed packaging along with new Tikka Masala, Lamb Hotpot and Chicken Satay flavours will hit shelves at the end of this month, while seven of the old flavours have been axed.

Bacon, Fajita, Posh Sweet & Sour, Posh Spicy Chicken and Posh Spicy have all been pulled along with Chicken & Mushroom Reduced Salt and Chicken & Mushroom Reduced Salt King Pot.

The two reduced salt variants were no longer required as salt has now been sufficiently reduced across the main range, said Julie McCleave, Pot Noodle category operations manager.

The brand's tie-up with The X-Factor will start this autumn and continue up to Christmas.

"The promotion will offer VIP tickets each week to The X Factor TV shows as well as tickets to The X Factor tour," said McCleave.

It will be supported on TV during prime-time viewing including The X Factor ad breaks by a specific promotional ad with a twist.

The X Factor packs will be available from mid-September across the top four Pot Noodle flavours, Chicken & Mushroom, Beef & Tomato, Original Curry and Chinese Chow Mein.