The Grocer’s Top Products survey found these five brands struggling on shelves. Each of them suffered declines in their value sales as market conditions made for a competitive environment and shoppers looked elsewhere


Tropicana was delisted in the Co-op at the beginning of 2023


▼ 15.1% (–£31.4m)

Tropicana’s £31.4m loss is the biggest for any food and drink brand in this year’s Top Products Survey. It equates to selling 23 million fewer litres of fruit juices and smoothies. A key reason for this performance is the brand’s delisting by Co-op at the start of 2023. Tropicana Brands Group also blamed economic headwinds that are driving shoppers to switch to more affordable own label soft drinks.

Bells Bottle 70cl

Bell’s suffered a decline of 30% in volume sales

Bell’s Original

▼ 26.0% (–£29.6m)

Like many of the big names in spirits, Bell’s Original has seen sales negatively impacted by the cost of living crisis and what NIQ analyst Graeme Taylor describes as “a reduction in support within the retailers”. The blended whisky brand is one of several to lose share of distribution and secondary display space. It’s seen £29.6m wiped out on a 30.9% decline in volumes.

Barefoot Gift Pinot Grigo

Barefoot has been on the decline for years


▼ 9.2% (–£22.5m)

Barefoot’s decline continues. After the £6.9m loss we reported in 2022, it’s this year said goodbye to £22.5m. Volume sales are down 14.4% – driven by the cost of living crisis and the revival of the on-trade, among other factors. The UK’s third-biggest table wine brand’s performance is endemic of its overall sector, where grocery volumes are in the red and only trendier brands like 19 Crimes are in growth.


Apples are bearing the brunt of a crisis in fresh produce


▼ 3.4% (–£16.4m)

There’s a crisis in fresh produce and apples are bearing the brunt. Their £16.4m loss – on a 7.5% decline in volumes – comes with retail prices up 4.4% and growers facing erratic weather, labour shortages, minimal returns and soaring input costs. For shoppers, supplies of apples could soon tighten. A third of new tree orders were cancelled at the start of the year, according to British Apples & Pears.


Alpro’s volume sales are down more than 20%


▼ 6.5% (–£13.7m)

Alpro’s £13.7m loss is the biggest in the milk sector, which comprises dairy and plant-based alternatives. The Danone brand’s volumes have fallen a shocking 22%, equating to 24.3 million fewer litres. That’s the biggest volume decline by percentage in milk’s top 30. Alpro is a key driver of overall category decline, as cash-strapped shoppers turn away from pricier vegan drinks.