Philip Godwin Fresh produce buyer, Booths The butters and fats category has not been tremendously exciting this year. It's difficult to separate Clover, Utterly Butterly and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. One only outdoes the other and becomes the bestseller when it goes on promotion but volumes are similar when they sell at standard price. What's surprising is how easily consumers will move to own label. We did our first own label butter for eight years and consumers were quick to pay the 65p for own label rather than the 89p for a branded butter. Olivio does well from the ads on TV and it'll be interesting to see how Olivio butter does. Müller is still leading the yogurt category. It does well over a promotional period and we devote a lot of space to Müller. Weight Watchers, Ski and Shape do well and so do the regional offerings that we stock. Most of our stores are in the north west, so we like to feature regional products. However again it is promotions that drive volume. The yogurt on promotion tends so become the bestseller. We recently ran Ski at 19p and it came out of nowhere to selling huge volumes ­ but when it goes back to normal price customers shift back to cheaper yogurts. As far as yogurt and milk drinks are concerned, Frijj is the bestseller and we do very well with Yakult. We sell 40,000 little pots a month which is quite huge, and we also sell a regional probiotic drink. We are intrigued to see how the organic market develops. At the moment we're making moves towards sourcing an organic milk and a flavoured organic milk. {{MARKETING }}