Unfortunately, the machine tends to break down at night which means the ice creams have melted by the morning and although Nestlé makes good the losses, he isn't happy. "It took 10 days to get a Nestlé engineer round and although he fixed it, it's broken again. It's very frustrating because if it was my own freezer I could get someone round straight away." Roger's now considering asking the firm to take it away and forking out for his own freezer. Sales of ice cream, soft drinks and beer are only now picking up after a poor start to the summer and even the World Cup failed to do much for sales. Says Roger: "We had great deals on our booze but sales didn't go up because most people watched matches in the pub or didn't drink because they were on early in the morning." Despite this, Roger's happy with the store, which looks so good that it often features in press and promotional articles about the Genesis format. And head office also brought a group of Londis shopkeepers to the store on a tour this week. However, the work is unrelenting and holidays are out of the question because all of his 15 staff are due four weeks' holiday and most want to take them over the summer. "We manage to take odd days off here and there but it never feels enough," Roger admits. "Chris and I are working 92 hours a week between us ­ it's tough." {{FEATURES }}