Much tittering in the papers today about the peanut-based vengeance allegedly exacted by a disgruntled employee at Pork Farms’ Riverside Bakery plant. A court heard yesterday that Paul Bentley was upset after being asked to take down a risque calendar and responded by spiking the nut-free facility with peanuts – leading to delays costing the company more than £1m.

Elsewhere in peanut news, a consignment made by US company Larabar has been recalled over a salmonella scare, according to The Sun (but not its website).

The Daily Mail takes time out from food-based scares today with the happier news that three cups of tea a day cuts the risk of breast cancer. The paper also notes that executives at pizza chain Domino’s (among other places) has been using stocks as collateral for personal loans. Hmm.

The Guardian advises you to take a close look at your loaf before making those sarnies -  there could well be rat droppings in it.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports that kids as young as five are being used as guinea pigs by market research companies working for Tizer and Coca-Cola. At least it keeps them off the street, right?

However, the same paper says a healthier approach is now being taken to school dinners. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

Those crazy French are squaring up to the US again after the outgoing Bush administration looked to seal its legacy by slapping a 300% levy on imported Roquefort. The French are now set to tax the fizz out of Coca-Cola in the latest instalment of what a few people might possibly be calling ‘cheese wars’. Then again, they might not.

Finally, actual frogs (not metaphorical ones) are reportedly being “eaten into extinction”… by the French. C’est la vie.