With its tenth anniversary and barbecues on the up,
the National BBQ Association has plenty to celebrate

The National BBQ Association is celebrating its tenth anniversary and has organised a range of promotional activities throughout the summer - way beyond, but still including, the standard week-long events programme running from May 30 to June 5.
The 2006 campaign is sponsored by Branston, Caribbean Twist, Brahma beer and GrillMaster's Revenge marinades, along with retail partners Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons and Budgens.
Activities begin in May and continue throughout August, and include three touring BBQ buses playing host to masterclasses, tutorials and sampling at major multiples; a competition to find the nation's best barbecuer; and the Battle of the Barbies to determine which sex is best at barbecuing.
Brian George, National BBQ Association president, says: "The campaign is the biggest yet. Its theme is 'nouveau barbecue' to encourage consumers to experiment more. While traditional products are still popular, evidence shows consumers are now becoming more adventurous in both what they eat and drink at barbecues."
He says fish, bananas, prawns and marshmallows are growing in popularity, as well as wines, spirits, traditional beers and soft drinks. Research by the association found unplanned barbecues are on the increase with after-work barbecues the fastest-growing area, representing 29% of all barbecues. There is also evidence to support the theory that the season is getting longer - 41% of consumers said they expected to hold barbecues in the spring and 42% in the autumn.
George adds: "Weekends are key in last-minute impulse decisions - 65% of barbecues are held at the weekend. The message is clear: it's profitable to keep in-store fixtures up for a longer period - certainly throughout August."