% individual meal occasion

There were 852 million individual meal occasions of green beans in 2003
Green beans account for 4.7% of all vegetables and 75% of all beans
Green bean consumption has declined by 3.4% since 2002
Women aged 45+ are the top consumers of green beans accounting for a third of all consumption. They are followed by men aged 45+ who account for 28% of all consumption
Consumption of green beans has decreased for all consumers apart from adults 65+ years and females 17-34 years who have increased their consumption since 2002
12% of green beans are consumed by children
Over half of all green beans are consumed between 6pm and 9pm. 63% of green beans are consumed as part of the evening meal
80% of green beans are consumed with potatoes. The second most popular complementary food is carcase meat.
Produced for The Grocer by TNS. Data annual to May 2003.
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