A new snack producer plans to invade the Ginsters-dominated savoury pastry market using health and premium quality as its weapons.

Contashe will launch the Crumbs lunchtime snacking range in April and has pledged to use superfood ingredients such as Omega-3 and flaxseed and emphasise healthier, wholesome British fresh ingredients.

Developed by French chef Emmanuel Lioux, the line-up includes two sizes of quiche at £1.39 and £2.99, 275g pies priced at £2.49 and pasties and slices at £1.65.

There are also sausage 'bombs' - balls of sausage meat with an apricot or tomato chutney filling - and a chicken & tomato savoury roll twin-pack.

The four quiche flavours range from a traditional quiche lorraine to a more unusual all-day breakfast made with baked bean oatmeal pastry.

The two pies come in ham hock & mushroom and roasted chicken & leek, while the pasties include butternut squash & spiced chicken and lamb & mint variants.

Packaging is made from recycled or stemmed cardboard and compostable, biodegradable plastic designed to make the products easier to eat on the move.

The chilled savoury pastries category has received little support in recent years. Consumers' perception that other snack options are healthier has led to casualties.

Market-leading brand Ginsters withdrew a Deli Bake range made with olive oil pastry and positioned as a healthier option - after only a year.

Contashe managing director Ben Davies said the time was right for a healthier option and that Crumbs could reverse the market's decline.

"Consumers are crying out for healthier convenience foods that are made with quality ingredients," he said.