Hi-Spirits is to enter the burgeoning cocktails-at-home sector with a range of mixers in pouches.

The range, named Speaks Mixology, consists of single serve juice blends based on popular cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan and Mohito. It retails at rsp £4.90 for a four-pack.

The mixes are designed to be taken straight from the fridge, poured over the chosen spirit and served.

"Making cocktails at home is not only complicated and messy but expensive as well, as you have to buy so many ingredients," said MD Jeremy Hill. "At the other end of the scale ready-mixed cocktails from a bottle lack the theatre and craft that is part of the enjoyment of a cocktail so this fills the gap perfectly."

Currently the range consists of a Cosmopolitan, a Piña Colada, a Mohito and a Raspberry Mohito. The company ultimately intended to add more flavours and increase the range to 12 to ensure the brand appeals to a broad range of consumers, Hill said.