Emap is issuing a 36-page sampler edition of its new teen celebrity-based magazine Sneak, to be distributed free with copies of J17 and Smash Hits. The Sneak preview sampler, which will be half the pagination of the full-blown Sneak, aims to give readers a taste of the new weekly title before its launch this month. The title, which will have a cover price of 90p, will contain celebrity gossip; photographs and music news ­ all tailored specifically for a teen audience. Sneak editor Jennifer Cawthron, said: "Sneak is an innovative new teen title that will give readers the celebrity gossip they need to be in the know'. "Catchlined Gossip to Go, Sneak will deliver high-speed gossip to teenagers and will be the must-read for a whole generation." Its launch will be accompanied by a high profile national poster, print, radio and TV advertising campaign. {{CTN }}