MAFF is giving Food from Britain £3m to help finance the first phase of a major strategic recovery plan designed to revive international sales of UK food hit by the foot and mouth crisis. And as The Grocer went to press on Thursday FFB executives said most of the cash would be spent in the UK to aid regional producers. A major overseas marketing initiative would come later. FFB business and UK services director Charlotte Lawson said: "Although our 11 international offices are working hard to reinvigorate overseas markets, the £3m will be used in conjunction with the regional food groups in England and the devolved administrations for the rest of the UK to enhance a number of promotional projects. "When FMD is finally eradicated we shall be announcing initiatives to rebuild sales in key international markets, particularly in the dairy and meat sectors." Agriculture minister Nick Brown announced the £3m aid as part of a wider £15.4m range of measures to assist recovery of the farming sector in the aftermath of FMD. He added: "Food from Britain will play a major role in delivering a targeted trade and marketing campaign. This will help to restore markets and contribute to the recovery of the wider rural economy. FFB will coordinate its campaign with the Countryside Agency, MLC and others with an active interest." In recent weeks, as dramatic TV images of flaming animal pyres were screened around the world, exporters have become increasingly concerned that overseas sales of all UK food, not only products linked to the agricultural sector, will suffer. In particular, reports from the US suggest consumers have been so frightened by the FMD coverage they have "turned off all British food". {{NEWS }}