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aquafina hydrating lip oil
added extras
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For some time, marketers of bottled water have emphasised the importance of hydration - keeping the body’s water levels topped up to prevent skin drying and to maintain alertness. Hydration is also one of the leading claims on skincare products.
New in the US from Added Extras is Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil, extending PepsiCo’s Aquafina bottled purified water brand into cosmetics.
Aquafina is the number one bottled water brand in the US, guaranteeing a high profile for the new product. The lip oil retails through mass merchandise stores at around $2.50 for a 10g tube, making it very much a mass-market proposition.
Added Extras, the company licensed to produce the lip oil, has a range of Disney licensed cosmetics for children. The lip oil is described as having a moisture replenishing system for maximum hydration and shine, and it is enriched with botanic extracts including jojoba oil, vitamin E and almond oil.
The newcomer is packaged in multiple shades of blue, which further enhances its affiliation with water and moisture.
Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil is reportedly the first among many introductions in an Aquafina branded line of skincare products and cosmetics - perhaps we should expect skin-moisturising creams next?
The Snapple soft drink brand from Cadbury Schweppes has also appeared in the lip balm market in the US, on a line called Lip Juicers.
These, however, are sold on their fruity flavour to appeal to kids and teens, rather than a hydration positioning.