European detergent specialist Henkel is launching Glist automatic dishwashing tablets in the UK later this month and wielding £6m of marketing muscle to back it. It is a move that will bring the brand head to head with Reckitt Benckiser's market leader Finish. Marketing director Carole Armstrong-Hooper said Glist ­ called Somat or Pril in Europe ­ worked differently from other three-in-one tablets because they dissolved gradually whatever the temperature or programme, and gave an even distribution of cleaning, rinsing and water softening agents. TV ads and press advertorials are scheduled for January 2002, along with posters, tailored support at supermarkets and seven-tablet trial packs (£1.49) carrying a £1-off voucher for larger packs. Benckiser's Finish currently accounts for 55% of the automatic dishwashing tablets market in the UK, with own label tablets taking around 35%. Armstrong-Hooper said the new boy was aiming for an 8%-10% share within two years. She added that only 20% of UK households owned a dishwasher compared with half in Germany, so the market had great growth potential. Glist comes in two fragrances ­ Original and Lemon Fresh. Rsp: £3.49, 16 tablets; £5.99, 32. {{P&P }}